Friday, September 20, 2013

Reader Poll: Challenges in Campaign Execution...

Good Afternoon:

My apologies for the lack of entries lately. I am still working on the new website, getting the design to look the way I want it to. In the end, I think I'll end up going with a minimalistic design, because anything else I've tried simply looks too busy. When all else fails, going back to the basics is generally considered a good thing.

Once I get the blog moved over to the new site, Fridays will become the day that I discuss the current project I'm working on for Samardan Press. Do you think that Mondays and Wednesdays also need their own theme?

When I think about the kinds of challenges that all Referees, GMs and DMs face when running a campaign, I come up with a short list of different things I could address as the next series for In Like Flynn. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Adventure Creation
  • Challenges of Running a Long-Term Campaign
  • Encounters or Scenario Creation
  • Finding New Players
  • Handling Different Player Types
  • Locations
  • Making Combat Fun and Entertaining
  • Map Creation
  • Monster Creation
  • Organizing Campaign Data
  • Role of Organizations
  • Running a Focused Campaign (Political, Military, Mercantile, Exploration, etc.)
  • Running a Prep Lite Campaign (aka Winging It)
  • Setting Creation (Campaign or Mini-Settings)
  • Stock NPCs
  • Story Arcs
  • Unique NPC Creation

What sounds like fun to you? What would you be most interested in reading about? What aspects of running a campaign cause you problems? Please let me know in the Comments section. Remember that your words will help determine the direction of my next series of posts.

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Kobold said...

Given a chance, I would like to read about your thoughts on Monster Creation, Organizing Campaign Data, and Story Arcs.

If you would like someone to debate/bounce ideas off of, I would be quite keen as I suspect we have different approaches to some of these subjects.