Friday, January 14, 2011

MyD20 Lite: Referee's Guide Update...

Good Evening, All:

I'm almost done with the section on Magic Items in the MyD20 Lite Referee's Guide, which is good news. I feel that I have the following sections that are still outstanding on the book:

  1. Common Fantasy Elements: I need to finish my discussions on various fantasy elements that are often depicted in fantasy campaign worlds.
  2. A Basic Bestiary: I need to complete the common special abilities, although I may limit them to only those covered by the monsters provided. I also need to complete the Monsters & Combat subsection.
  3. Non-Player Characters: I need to decide how I'm going to proceed with the Stock NPC section and then finish that up. Most of that will be dealing with stat blocks.
  4. Adventure Creation Advice: I need to finish my discussions on elements of a good dungeon design, and finish my example. I also need to flesh out the wilderness adventure section.
  5. The Appendices: I need to finish up my conversion notes from various fantasy game systems into MyD20 Lite.

While I am unsure if I'll be done by the end of January, I do feel like I'm making significant progress. Truthfully, there's a lot more I'd like to do with this book, but I think getting something out now is better than waiting another year while I create the tome I'd actually like to release. Perhaps I can continue my work on the side, and eventually release another supplement of Referee advice.

With Regards,


James said...

Great to hear the things are moving on the Referee Guide front! I'm really looking forward to seeing the 'finished' product.

What are the other things you'd like to include that wouldn't be included if you were to release sooner rather than later?

Flynn said...

The book I ultimately pictured would have rules on aerial and underwater combat, wilderness, etc. In other words, I wanted this book to be more than just what you need to run the game, but rather enough to make MyD20 Lite a "complete game" under the definition used by some to diss "Swords & Wizardry".

Hope This Helps,

James said...

Well, as much as I'd like to see this thing in print, I'd be happier to wait for your FULL GAME version than to have purchased something short of that which would be supplemented later on.

Flynn said...

I hear ya, and that would be my preference. However, I also feel bad because it's hard to play a game without antagonists, treasure and the other assorted and sundry basics. It can be done in a makeshift manner while you wait for the "official" books. However, I feel like TSR in the old days, when they took forever to get their first three AD&D books out the door. Consider it an internal pressure to get something out to make the game playable in the short term. After all, Swords & Wizardry survived and even thrived for several years without "Complete Rules".

Hope This Explains My Thoughts,