Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stock NPCs for Modern/Futuristic Games...

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In looking forward, I am trying to identify what would best help me in terms of prepping for the next campaign, whether it's a modern setting or a fantasy-based one. (And of course, they may totally change directions on me and go with steampunk or post-apocalyptic, for all I know.) Until I have a strong sense of direction from them now that we're at this point, my prep work will likely be generic.

One of the things I know I'm going to need is a set of Stock NPCs. Having stock NPC stats is always helpful. I have a basic list for fantasy, but I feel I should consider expanding on it, building up modern concepts that can easily be ported into futuristic games as needed. With that in mind, the Stock NPCs list may look something like this:
  • Aristocrat/High Society
  • Assassin/Sniper
  • Beggar/Homeless
  • Big Game Hunter/Survivalist
  • Bureaucrat/Clerk
  • Citizen
  • Courtesan/Escort
  • Cultist
  • Dock Worker/Laborer
  • Doctor/Medic/Nurse
  • Diplomat/Liaison
  • Gang Member
  • Hacker/Programmer
  • Mechanic/Engineer
  • Merchant/Trader
  • Military Commander
  • Mystic/Psion
  • Pilot (water or aerospace)
  • Reporter
  • Scientist
  • Security Guard/Police
  • Soldier/Mercenary
  • Spy
  • Thief
What other major concepts am I missing from a modern/futuristic campaign?

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