Monday, February 25, 2013

Next Project: World of Samardan...

Good Afternoon, Everyone:

On Friday, I asked people to vote on what my next blog project should be. Here are the results as they currently stand:
  • Sword & Planet Setting: 4
  • Traveller: 2
  • Other (MyD20 Lite GM's Guide): 1

I think it's safe to assume that the Sword And Planet setting wins by a 2:1 margin, unless a mad rush of voting comes in at the last minute, after I've written this but before it has been posted. I am actually pleased to hear that there's interest in the MyD20 Lite GM's Guide, and I'll put that on my to-do list for 2013. I have also slated at least two Traveller products for publication this year. This should be a very interesting year, I think, assuming I can get even half of my publication wishlist completed.

Over the next few posts, we'll discuss the development of a planetary romance campaign setting. I'll be developing it loosely on my first Sword and Planet campaign, but there will be some major revisions and I'll be creating a ton of new material along the way. I have to admit that I'm pretty excited about the prospects of sharing the World of Samardan with everyone, and using it as a vehicle for discussing planetary romance as a gaming experience.

For those of you that participated in the informal survey, thank you very much for making your opinion known. For everyone, I definitely hope that you guys enjoy the new development that will be unfolding here. I'm sure that there will be material you might be able to alter and use for your own games, even if you prefer a more standard fantasy or Traveller gaming experience. And if you use the final setting as a planetary romance campaign, that's even better.


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