Thursday, November 11, 2010

Feast of Heroes...

Good Morning, All:

For those in the United State, Happy Veteran's Day! As of today, this blog is one year old. I've posted 254 times in the last year, and I have some active followers that post in the comments regularly. I've written a good deal about a number of topics, and this blog has been instrumental in the creation of a number of gaming products, as well as allowing me to develop a lot of gaming material for my campaign. I must say that posting here has motivated me to do more writing than I would have otherwise, and I am very thankful for that opportunity.

I consider myself fortunate to have friends that follow many diverse paths, and I have learned much from them. Today is Veteran's Day here, but those of the Asatru faith also recognize today as the Feast of Heroes, or more specifically, the Feast of the Einherjar. The chosen heroes who sit in Odin’s Hall are the Einherjar. Today the Asatruar honor those dead kin who gave their lives for Family and Folk. If you have friends or family who died in battle, visit their graves today, if that is not possible, drink a libation in their memory. Even if you are not a follower of the Nordic gods, those warriors who have passed to defend and protect us and our country are worthy and deserving of our recognition and remembrance on this day.


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James said...

Congratulatoins on 12 Months of blogging, Flynn! I'm looking forward to you upcoming releases, particularly the MyD20 Lite Referee's Guide (of course)!