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Madlands Campaign: Codes of Conduct...

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Many organizations follow their own rules, their own code of conduct. While the laws of the land impact everyone, members of secret societies, trade guilds and large organizations often find themselves measured against an additional yardstick, the code of conduct for their particular organization. The following are three codes of conduct that have been adapted for use in the Madlands Campaign, and which may prove useful for other projects as well.

Code of the Frontier
Warriors dwelling along the frontier are an independent and proud lot. If there ever were a code of conduct for them, the following would likely be it.

  • I won’t be wronged.
  • I won’t be insulted.
  • I won’t be laid a hand on.
  • I don’t do these things to others, and I require the same from them.

Honor Among Thieves
Most Thieves' Guilds support a code of conduct similar to the following. In many cases, this code is referred to as "Honor Among Thieves".

  • Never steal from another member of the guild.
  • Never perform another thief’s assigned task or “steal” jobs from another thief.
  • Never let your own jobs interfere with the guild’s jobs.
  • Don’t attract attention to the guild, especially not the attention of the town fathers.
  • 10% of the take from your jobs goes to the guild; you keep the rest.
  • 100% of the take from guild-assigned thefts goes to the guild, and maybe you get a taste.
  • Don’t kill anyone in the commission of a job, except in self-defense. It attracts too much attention.

The Seven Virtues of the Living Blades
The Living Blades are a very honorable brotherhood whose sole reason for existence is to protect their sovereign and the sovereign's people who have been given over into their care. Many Living Blades follow a code of conduct known simply as the Seven Virtues.

  • Honesty and Justice: A Living Blade deals openly and honestly with others and cleaves to the ideals of justice. Moral decisions do not come in shades of gray, only right and wrong.
  • Heroic Courage: A Living Blade never fears to act, but lives life fully and wonderfully. Respect and caution replace fear.
  • Compassion: A Living Blade takes every opportunity to aid others, and creates opportunities when they do not arise. As a powerful individual, a Living Blade has a responsibility to use that power to help others.
  • Polite Courtesy: A Living Blade has no reason to be cruel, and no need to prove his strength. Courtesy distinguishes a Living Blade from an animal, and reveals one’s true strength.
  • Honor: A Living Blade’s conscience is the judge of his honor. The decisions he makes and how he carries them out are a reflection of his true nature.
  • Complete Sincerity: When a Living Blade has said that he shall perform an action, it is as good as done. He need not make promises; speaking and doing are as if the same.
  • Duty and Loyalty: A Living Blade feels responsible for his actions and their consequences, and loyal to the people in his care. A Living Blade’s loyalty to his lord is unquestionable and unquestioning.

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