Monday, March 28, 2011

MyD20 Lite: Basic Rules (or Levels 1-5)...

Good Evening, All:

I've finally got off my duff and created a rough draft of a "Basic Rules" PDF for MyD20 Lite that focuses on just character levels 1-5. I've done what I can to remove elements above 5th level, but I'm hoping that there's still enough here to show the merits of the system for those that might be interested.

You can find the MyD20 Lite Basic Rules here:
MyD20 Lite - Basic Rules

And best of all, it's free!



JDJarvis said...

104 pages for "lite" & basic...
(not an insult) I tackled this a couple years ago and came in at 96 pages and I didn't even get monsters into the thing, something about d20 just adds pages to a rule set.

Flynn said...

I hear ya. :)

The only major difference between this and the MyD20 Lite Player's Guide are spells above 3rd level and some talents.

Lite, in this case, refers to the general rules-light flavor of the system in play. At least, that's what my intent was when I built it. Compared to the 1000s of pages I used to lug around for D&D games, this is lite. ;)

Hope This Helps,

James said...

It's great to see this preview version available. I noticed a few pagination (but these will be obvious to you when you finalise) errors. Are you interested in a more detailed list of things to consider changing?

I recall that we discussed adding in a Medium category of armours rather than only heavy and light.