Friday, April 01, 2011

A is for Allona, the Wild Lady

Good Evening, All:

I've decided to push myself a little creatively and join my peers of the blogosphere in the A-Z Challenge. My topics will all be linked by a common thread, which will be the pantheon I'm compiling for my personal Consolidated World project. In essence, the month of April is going to be a great month for World-Building (or at least Pantheon-building) here on In Like Flynn. My introductory post introduces the first of my thirteen core gods, the goddess of nature. A is for Alonna, the Wild Lady:

Alonna, the Wild Lady
Alonna is the goddess of animals, the wilderness, the hunt and the harvest. Those who honor the wild creatures of the world and the untamed wilderness revere the Wild Lady. She is typically honored within stone circles and simple shrines in the wilderness or near locations of abundant plant and animal life. Her priests observe the transition of the seasons. The lessons that Alonna teaches her followers include:
  • All living creatures should strive to live in harmony with the natural world. Respect for all life is a sacred responsibility.
  • The devout should support works and deeds that promote and preserve harmony with the natural world. In fact, one must take action against those who harm or destroy nature, or otherwise upset the harmony of the wilderness.
  • The faithful should suffer not the existence of the undead, for the walking dead are accursed and defile the world.
Alonna’s favored weapon is the shortbow, and her symbol is that of a silver unicorn horn.


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