Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for Indra, the Storm Mistress…

Good Morning, All:

For my ninth post in the A-Z Challenge, I would like to introduce a demigoddess in service to Vanuros, the Sun Lord. I is for Indra, the Storm Mistress:

Indra, the Storm Mistress
Indra is the demigoddess patron of rain, storms and the four winds. The Queen of Storms is frequently called upon in times of foul weather and high winds, particularly when rainfall is heavy. Those who seek her aid tend to stand in the open and raise their arms in supplication, facing the full extent of the harsh weather. Indra was once a high priestess of Vanuros, the Sun Lord, with a penchant for weather magic. At the height of her mortal power, she was the High Priestess of the largest known temple to Vanuros. With such protection, the mortals under her care began to take the power of the Gods for granted, eventually leading to the corruption of many of the congregation by demonic servants of Sandamos. Indra took matters into her own hands, and caused great floods and tornados to strike the offending population. The next few weeks were devastating, but Indra continued her work with diligence, until the population learned to look beyond the corruption of the Demon King and restored Vanuros to the reverence he deserved. For Indra’s service to him, Vanuros bestowed a divine spark upon Indras, naming her the Storm Mistress.
The favored weapon of the Storm Mistress is the short spear, and her symbol is that of a stylized blue rain drop.


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