Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is for Lorae, the Sacred Muse…

Good Morning, All:

For my twelfth entry in the A-Z Challenge, I would like to introduce the seventh of the thirteen core gods of my consolidated pantheon, the goddess of the arts. L is for Lorae, the Sacred Muse:

Lorae, the Sacred Muse
Lorae is the goddess of the arts, creativity, music and peace. The Sacred Muse is worshiped in theaters, concert halls, and festivals, wherever music and the arts are practiced and celebrated. Lorae is honored by painters, sculptors, singers, musicians, writers and diplomats, among others. Her priests host seasonal and annual events that promote artistic works in various forms. The Lessons of Lorae support the following dogma:
  • The faithful are enjoined to act against the defiling or destruction of great artistic works, including censorship, for such is an affront to the Sacred Muse.
  • All life deserves reverence. One should promote mercy and compassion for the living, and condemn murder and wanton destruction.
  • The price of peace is vigilance. It is a sacred duty to always seek a diplomatic resolution to any conflict, for violence paves the road to suffering, and suffering taints the purity of the arts.
Lorae’s favored weapon is the club, and the symbol of the Sacred Muse is a golden harp.


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