Saturday, April 16, 2011

N is for Nabaneth, the Holy Wanderer…

Good Morning, All:

For my fourteenth post in the A-Z Challenge, I would like to introduce a demigod in service to Dworkin, the Stone Father. N is for Nabaneth, the Holy Wanderer:

Nabaneth, the Holy Wanderer
Nabaneth is the demigod patron of travel, wanderlust and exploration, which makes him very popular among adventurers. The Holy Wanderer is frequently called by those who have no home, particular those who prefer to travel rather than settle down in a given community. According to popular belief, Nabaneth blesses those who begin each day's travel by pouring a handful of earth, dirt or sand back onto the ground to be caught by the winds. Nabaneth was once a priest of Dworkin who traveled from city to city, spreading the word of the Stone Father's teachings. Over the course of a long life, Nabaneth made many friends and acquaintances, and never settled in any one community. From the day of his ordination until his death well into old age, the Holy Wanderer made his travels a continuous homage to the glory of the Stone Father. Over the course of his journey, many adventurers traveled alongside Nabaneth, sharing stories of far-off lands and obscure regional lore. A great number of heroes and rulers claimed that they owed the start of their great success in the information gleaned from conversations with the Holy Wanderer. Dworkin was so impressed by the pious Nabaneth's lifelong devotion that, as the elderly priest approached his death, the Stone Father blessed him with a gift of a divine spark. Although the mortal priest spiritually ascended to become the demigod of travel, wanderlust and exploration, on that wondrous day, some say Nabaneth still walks the roads less traveled throughout the lands of mortal men, preaching the word of his beloved Stone Father.
The favored weapon of the Holy Wanderer is the quarterstaff, and his symbol is that of a two quarterstaves crossed saltire.


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