Monday, April 25, 2011

U is for Uthor, the Great Archer...

Good Morning, All:

For my twenty-first post in the A-Z Challenge, I would like to introduce a demigod in service to Alonna, the Wild Lady. U is for Uthor, the Great Archer:

Uthor, the Great Archer
Uthor is the demigod patron of archery, running and survival. Uthor is often called upon during hunts and tournaments when accuracy spells the difference between success and failure. As a mortal, Uthor was an accomplished woodsman devoted to the worship of Alonna, whom some claim may have been his mother. Fleet of foot and keen of eye, Uthor lived off the land, accepting the gifts of the Wild Lady as he traveled from realm to realm, teaching her word to those who would listen. Vigilant against the acts of those who ravages the land, Uthor often sought out refugees exiled by raiders and armies, teaching them to survive by living off the land and to defend themselves through the use of the great longbow. According to legend, when Uthor died at the hands of rampaging humanoids, a white unicorn visited the corpse at his funeral. With a bowed head, the unicorn touched Uthor with its twisted horn and raised him from the dead. Uthor rose from the pyre and leapt to the side of the unicorn. Together, the two ran into the woods, much to the shock of the mourners who had gathered. On that day, Uthor received the blessing of a divine spark from Alonna, and became the patron of archery, running and survival.
Uthor's favored weapon is the longbow, and his symbol is a vine-entwined golden longbow.


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