Friday, April 08, 2011

G is for Gram, the Emerald Warrior...

Good Morning, All:

For my seventh entry in the A-Z Challenge, I would like to introduce a demi-god in service to Meritus, the Great Lord. G is for Gram, the Emerald Warrior:

Gram, the Emerald Warrior
Gram is the demi-god patron of swords, battle and martial prowess. Gram is frequently called upon to preside over tournaments and duels, particularly those involving the use of blades. Many warriors make a symbolic offering to Gram by cutting themselves lightly when they've drawn their blade outside of combat, for Gram teaches that no blade can be returned to its sheath unblooded. Gram was once a weapon master who devoutly followed Meritus, the Great Lord. After received divine inspiration while perfecting his martial style with the greatsword, Gram began spreading the word and teachings of Meritus as he traveled the lands. The Great Lord took an interest in the Emerald Warrior and arranged to meet the mortal one evening while disguised. Meritus, seeking to test Gram's devotion, challenged his beliefs in the Great Lord, even taking the matter to a duel. It is said that the fight between the two lasted for three days and three nights, and ended in a draw, with neither side having emerged victorious. Meritus was so impressed with Gram's devotion and warskill that he rewarded Gram with a divine spark.
The favored weapon of the Emerald Warrior is the greatsword, and his symbol is that of a emerald greatsword.


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