Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for Psyche, the Weaver of Fates…

Good Morning, All:

For my sixteenth entry in the A-Z Challenge, I would like to introduce the tenth of the thirteen core gods of my consolidated pantheon, the goddess of magic. P is for Psyche, the Weaver of Fates:

Psyche, the Weaver of Fates
Psyche is the goddess of fate, secrecy, magic and knowledge. Her followers include mages, sages, astronomers, judges, oracles and educators. Her shrines and temples can be found in libraries, universities, observatories and arcane sites. Psyche’s priests bear witness to the unfolding of prophecy and destiny. Psyche’s teachings include the following strictures:
  • Followers are enjoined to support works and deeds that recover and preserve lost knowledge and lore, for education is a sacred responsibility. They must also seek out omens, signs and portents, for they often reveal secrets that have been lost.
  • The devout must not lie, for doing so promotes false knowledge and lore, and that is an affront to the Weaver of Fates. It is better to be silent than to spread false knowledge.
  • Practice good divination, protect those who accept the Will of the Gods, and defend others against those who would defy their destiny.
  • Magic, in all its forms, is sacred to Psyche, and those who would destroy magical lore, mystic sites or accomplished arcanists are anathema in the eyes of the Weaver of Fates.
Psyche’s favored weapon is the quarterstaff, and her symbol is a golden eye.


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