Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for Kali'na, Maiden of Murder…

Good Morning, All:

For my eleventh post in the A-Z Challenge, I would like to introduce a demi-goddess in service to Sandamos, the Demon King. K is for Kali'na, Maiden of Murder:

Kali'na, Maiden of Murder
Kali’na is the demi-goddess patron of murder, slaughter and assassinations. Kali'na is frequently called by those who slay in the heat of the moment, or with intense emotion, for it is believed that the Maiden of Murder will protect those who slay from the consequences of their actions. Kali'na was once a holy assassin, a priestess-slayer who killed in the name of Sandamos. She was always called upon to avenge the destruction of various cults devoted to the Demon King. Her most legendary series of murders involved the assassination of a demi-god and his entire order of Inquisitor-priests, in retaliation for their hunt of the persecution of the followers of Sandamos. It is said that Kali'na did not receive her divine spark from the hand of Sandamos, but rather slew another of his servitors and took it for herself. The Demon King was sufficiently impressed with Kali'na's abilities and attitude that he allowed her to keep the spark and serve him as the demi-goddess of murder, slaughter and assassinations.
The favored weapon of the Maiden of Murder is the dagger, and her symbol is a black kris dagger.


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