Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Meritus, the Great Lord…

Good Morning, All:

For my thirteenth entry in the A-Z Challenge, I would like to introduce the eighth of the thirteen core gods of my consolidated pantheon, the god of honor. M is for Meritus, the Great Lord:

Meritus, the Great Lord
Meritus is the god of honor, justice and nobility. Revered by all who consider themselves honorable and righteous, Meritus is most frequently called upon by sovereigns, nobles, courtiers, judges and knights. His temples are often found in palaces, manors and noble courts. Priests of Meritus frequently attend courts, that they may offer advice to nobles who may be endangering themselves or those whom they serve. The Great Lord’s doctrines to his devout followers include the following:
  • Support good works and deeds that promote peace and a harmonious community. Do not tolerate willful acts of violence and destruction, nor unrepentant criminals.
  • The devout must seek out and destroy all undead and other creatures noted for their dishonorable deeds, and shall not suffer such a creature to exist which could potentially bring great harm to others.
  • Those of noble blood are blessed by the Great Lord. It is a sacred responsibility to take reasonable actions to protect or serve duly recognized and divinely blessed nobility.
  • All aristocracy that bear the favor of Meritus should conduct their business justly and honorably, lest the Great Lord’s blessing transform into a curse.
Meritus’s favored weapon is the long sword, and the symbol of the Great Lord is a white phoenix.


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