Thursday, April 07, 2011

F is for Feralin, the Nimble Maiden...

Good Morning, All:

For my sixth post in the A-Z Challenge, I would like to introduce a demi-god in service to Celena, the Star Mistress. F is for Feralin, the Nimble Maiden:

Feralin, the Nimble Maiden
Feralin is the demi-goddess patron of freedom, fugitives and thieves. Feralin is often called upon by those who seek to flee captivity or avoid notice. The Nimble Maiden is particularly honored by great displays of athleticism and acrobatics, especially in the course of evading capture. Feralin was once a priest of Celena, the Star Maiden, with a strong hatred against slavery. The Nimble Maiden dedicated her life to freeing slaves and rescuing those who were wrongfully imprisoned. According to legend, Feralin once tricked Sandamos, the Demon King, into releasing the Writs of several unfortunate heroes who had been tricked into signing contracts with Sandamos. Without the Writs, the Demon King was unable to take the souls of the heroes upon their deaths. Celena was so impressed with Feralin's success that the Star Mistress rewarded Feralin with a divine spark.
The favored weapon of the Nimble Lady is the light flail, and her symbol is that of broken silver manacles.


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