Friday, April 29, 2011

Y is for Yesha, the Daughter of Waves...

Good Morning, All:

For my twenty-fifth post in the A-Z Challenge, I would like to introduce a demigoddess in service to Oceanus, the Sea Warden. Y is for Yesha, the Daughter of Waves:

Yesha, the Daughter of Waves
Yesha is the demigoddess patron of lakes, streams and fishing. Revered by nomads, farmers and fishermen, Yesha is honored by throwing pieces of bread into a body of water, which is said to bring good fortune to those who live on the bounty of the waters. Yesha was once a priestess of Oceanus, who brought the word of the Sea Warden to several great lakes located far from the great seas of the world. Yesha preached that Oceanus would provide to those in need, and taught many the joys of fishing. Indeed, Yesha is often attributed with the following parable: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." She served Oceanus and her community as a guardian of water sources, and was instrumental in preventing the spread of disease and poison through contaminated water supplies. She was held in great regards by the fishing folk of the great lakes, and so it came to pass that Oceanus took an interest in the priestess. He arranged to meet with her while disguised, and was so impressed with her kindness, her piety and her sharing of her religious lore and fishing skill that the Sea Warden fell in love with Yesha. Adopting her as his own child, Oceanus gave the Daughter of Waves a divine spark, and gave her dominion over smaller bodies of water and the fish that dwell in them.
The favored weapon of the Daughter of Waves is the net, and her symbol is a golden fish.


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