Saturday, April 09, 2011

H is for Herea, the Hearth Mother...

Good Morning, All:

For my eighth entry in the A-Z Challenge, I would like to introduce the fifth of the thirteen core gods of my consolidated pantheon, the goddess of agriculture. H is for Herea, the Hearth Mother:

Herea, the Hearth Mother
Herea is a goddess of agriculture, community, the hearth and the home. Many communities possess at least a small shrine to the Hearth Mother, if not a larger temple. She is revered by all walks of life, from serfs to sovereigns, from farmers to diplomats, from healers to peacekeepers. Her priests observe the times of planting and harvest, and strive to protect the community. Herea offers the following words as advice for her followers:
  • It is a blessing to preserve the history of the community and teach it to the youth. Those who preserve the hearth and home, and provide sustenance to those who dwell within, are sacred to the Hearth Mother.
  • The devout should support good works and deed performed for their families, their home, their community and their lands. Survival and prosperity require due diligence.
  • It is a sin to threaten or perform great harm to the community, and all who violate this tenet must be punished. It is a sacred duty to defend those in the community from harm who cannot defend themselves, such as children, the elderly or the infirmed.
Herea’s favored weapon is the heavy flail, and the symbol of the Hearth Mother is a golden sheaf of grain.



LoneIslander said...

Interesting stuff

jkovesi said...

Herea would be a BDSM domina in my imagination. :)