Sunday, April 24, 2011

Informal Poll: On the Future of the Blog...

Good Morning, All:

I've scheduled the last six posts for the coming week, rounding out my participation in the A-Z Challenge, and in the process designing a consolidated pantheon to use in my future campaigns. It was a lot of fun from my perspective, but the number of comments dropped considerably. Therefore, I thought I'd check with you guys and see what your thoughts were on the future of the blog.

Do you like the focus on a specific topic on a monthly basis? Or do you prefer a variety of topics covered on an as-inspired basis?

Do you prefer campaign background pieces or rules discussions? Or a healthy mix of each?

Do you like smaller posts made more frequently or larger posts made less frequently?

Now's your chance to have some input on the future direction of "In Like Flynn." I'm eager to hear what you guys are looking for, so I can make this blog more suited to your needs.

With Regards,


Trey said...

I don't know that I have particular answers for your blog, but I do have thoughts on blogs in general.

Also, some of the answers depends on the particular situation I think. In general, a rotation of topics kind of keeps it fresher, but at times I might wabt more on the same thing.

I have a slight preference for campaign background discussion I guess, but I like to see rules discussions, too.

I don't know what "more frequently" means to you, but I certainly prefer posts no more frequent that once a day. Less is fine too, though. In general, short+more frequent may be better than longer+rarer.

Tim Knight said...

Yes, I second that. Short and snappy. Variety is good as well.

James said...

Hi Flynn,

I've been visiting regularly and enjoying the A-Z pantheon posts, but I just don't have much to say about those kinds of posts. I'm sure you know I'm a fan of your MyD20 Lite work, so the more of that the better as far as I'm concerned.

An even mix of 'fluff' and 'crunch' is what I like to read.

Cheers and thanks for the blog.

Pontifex said...

I have kinda been tuning out lately due to the A-Z challenge. Nothing against anything anyone is writing on a specific topic, I just feel like the A-Z challenge has sucked the passion out of a lot of people.

So I would say, go back to your old standard fare. ;) I liked that.