Saturday, April 02, 2011

B is for Bakkhos, the Wine Master

Good Evening, All:

For my second entry in the A-Z Challenge, I would like to introduce a demi-god in service to Estara, the Divine Lover. B is for Bakkhos, the Wine Master:

Bakkhos, the Wine Master
Bakkhos is the demi-god patron of winemaking, brewing and revelry. Bakkhos is frequently called upon to preside over festivities and celebrations, particularly those that allow participants to imbibe alcohol. Revellers will often pour a small libation onto the ground as an offering to the Wine Master. Bakkhos was once a high priest of Estara, the Divine Lover, with a talent for brewing. He once sacrificed the greatest of his greatest wines, ales and meads as gifts in offering to his patron goddess. Estara shared the mortal’s gifts among the gods, which led to a particularly spectacular evening of drunken debauchery among the divine. For his services, and a few divine conceptions among the gods that resulted from the lust experienced that evening, Bakkhos was rewarded with a divine spark.
The favored weapon of the Wine Master is the club, and his symbol is that of a purple grapes bunch.


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