Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is for Xathandra, the Lady of Spring...

Good Morning, All:

For my twenty-fourth post in the A-Z Challenge, I would like to introduce a demigoddess in service to Herea, the Hearth Mother. X is for Xathandra, the Lady of Spring:

Xathandra, the Lady of Spring
Xathandra is the demigoddess patron of prosperity, renewal and vitality. Honored among many folk, from athletes to aristocrats, from merchants to monks, Xathandra is most often worshiped in spring festivals and the planting of crops in the field. Xathandra was once a mortal priestess of Herea, who took great joy in the creation of life and the strengthening of the community that comes from fertile fields. She studied the ways of agriculture, and taught the techniques she developed to farmers throughout the realms she traversed, as well as spreading the dogma of Herea. More than one township arose along the frontier and then survived through the implementation of Xathandra's agricultural ways, leading to many shrines and temples to the Hearth Mother. Herea noticed that her followers in these regions often performed ritual plays depicting the blessing of knowledge by the Hearth Mother unto Xathandra, who then shared that lore with the people. Curious, Herea disguised herself and met with Xathandra. The Hearth Mother tested Xathandra's piety, and found that the Lady of Spring was a truly devout follower. Pleased with Xathandra's efforts, Herea blessed her with a divine spark and bestowed providence over the planting of the fields upon the Lady of Spring.
Xathandra's favored weapon is the light mace, and her symbol is a rising golden sun.


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