Thursday, October 20, 2011

Latest Release - MyD20 Lite Bestiary: Common Creatures...

Good Afternoon, All:

MyD20 Lite Bestiary: Common Creatures, the latest release from Samardan Press is now available!

Running a game of MyD20 Lite just got a lot easier!

The MyD20 Lite Bestiary: Common Creatures is intended to provide the Referee with a basic list of more than sixty different monsters that are common to many fantasy campaigns, some of which have multiple stat blocks for variant monsters, leading to almost seventy-five different unique monsters ready to populate your adventures! In addition, you'll also find rules on how to create your own monsters in the MyD20 Lite system!

MyD20 Lite's small, spartan rule-set frees up your creativity to create a fantasy role-playing experience without the hassles found with larger, more complex gaming systems.

You can find the eBook/PDF at Lulu or RPGNow:

You can obtain a physical copy via Print-On-Demand at Lulu:

Please check out the MyD20 Lite Player’s Guide as well!

With Regards,
Jason "Flynn" Kemp


James said...

Awesome! I'll purchase PDF and hardcopy next time I see a lulu code email.

BTW, I like the cover!

James said...


James said...

I like it. Nice work. Good to see some artwork in there too. I noticed that there are no stats for skeletons. Intentional?