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World Consolidation: The Kingdom of Synovia...

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One of the first kingdoms to define in this project is also one of the kingdoms that has appeared in some form or other in the most campaign worlds that I've created, the Kingdom of Synovia. In fact, a friend and fellow GM liked the name so much that he started using it in his campaign worlds. I originally came up with the name back in my college days, while studying for Anatomy and Physiology. (The fluid of the knee joint is called synovial fluid.) From its beginning, Synovia has typically been a city-state with an Ancient Greek flavor, albeit often with heavy medieval elements mixed in as a result of being the central hub of a classic D&D-esque fantasy setting.

Synovia, Kingdom of
The Kingdom of Synovia is actually a walled city-state that governs and protects all lands within fifty miles of its gates. Having survived the apocalyptic Dark Times, the kingdom may yet fall as varying factions vie to put an heir on the recently vacated throne.
Capital: The City-State of Synovia is the capitol of the kingdom.

City-State of Synovia (Large City, Pop. 20,000): Aristocracy (House of Lords, made up of influential Noble Houses, nominally led by a patrilineal king); Reaction To Outsiders: Indifferent; Resources: Processed metal goods; Important NPCs: Sir Andrus Phaetren (heroic male human warlord and heir apparent to the throne), Lord Nigritus (dour male human admiral and lifelong rival of Sir Andrus), High Magus Ravenwolf (jovial male human elementalist).

Population: 100,000, with 20,000 living in the City-State of Synovia proper, roughly 10,000 among the major townships that support Synovia and the remainder in the villages and farms on Synovial lands. The population is predominately human, with a significant minority of dwarves and valefolk.
Common Language(s): Trade, Synovial and, to a lesser extent, Duar and Vaelic.
Society: Based on Ancient Greek society, with the use of medieval British terms to make it more accessible to gamers. Synovia is a classic starting point for many campaigns.
Government: Synovia is ruled by its aristocracy, the House of Lords, who are comprised of the lords of those noble houses that hold both wealth and political power, with a patrilineal monarch as its nominal ruler. Most political decisions are made in the High Courts.
Diplomatic Relations: Synovia is traditionally at odds with the Slavic-influenced country of Pasalovakia, and on good terms with a nearby dwarven kingdom (usually a variant of the Duar Triumvirate).
Trade & Commerce: Synovia deals primarily with raw ores and processed metal and ceramic/pottery goods. It can survive on what its farmlands grow, but imports exotic foodstuffs.
Military: Synovia has a standing army of about 10,000 soldiers, many recruited from farms and villages under Synovia’s protection as part of the land’s taxes. During times of peace, the military actively patrols the local lands to protect its citizenry. During the tumultuous times following the recent death of Synovia’s sovereigns, some Houses have used the military to extort more taxes than usual from the citizenry to support the city dwellers in the aftermath of the Dark Times.
Major Settlements: In the consolidated version of Synovia, there are three major townships that support the kingdom.

Greenfell (Township, Pop. 1000): Lord-Mayor (appointed by the Synovial King); Reaction To Outsiders: Friendly; Resources: Lumber; Important NPCs: Lord-Mayor Volus of Greenfell (loyal male human mercenary/aristocrat), Solarius the Tailor (jovial male human spymaster). Greenfell is the closest township to the neutral trading camp/tent-city known as Trader’s Point.

Newport (Township, Pop. 2000): Town Council (voted by populace); Reaction To Outsiders: Indifferent; Resources: Port city; Important NPCs: Amandrea (stoic female Cyclops oracle), Father Claudius (pious male human cleric of Joven), Johanus the Hawk (alert male human commander of the guard). Pilgrims sometimes come to Newport to seek the advice of Amandrea, the Oracle that lives on the largest island in Newport Bay. The Temple of the Three Graces houses the greatest healers, magical and non-magical, in the kingdom.

Silverdale (Township, Pop. 1500): Town Council (Lord-Mayor appointed by Synovia King, remainder voted by populace); Reaction To Outsiders: Friendly; Resources: Silver mines; Important NPCs: TBD. Silverdale is a day’s travel from the most commonly known entrance to the Vaults of Celebrus, making it a popular city for adventurers and mercenaries seeking their fortune in the ruins.

Major Organizations: Bandits have taken advantage of the turmoil in the city to harass the outlying villages, leading to the formation of the Synovial Rangers, who are comprised of and protect the citizens of the threatened regions. The Thorns of Alonna, an order of holy warriors devoted to the goddess of nature, have a high presence in the rural lands in and about Synovia.
Symbol: Synovia’s current emblem is a golden dragon rampant on a crimson background.

One of the things that I learned from this experience is that the template above requires a lot of work to fill out. I may have to simplify it even further. Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated.

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