Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Madlands Campaign: Thoughts On Tonight's Game...

Good Afternoon, All:

As it seems that, in the course of events, my players have reached the point where they can pursue three simple adventures that will lead to their performance of the Rite of Worldly Transformation, I actually foresee them not taking the straight and narrow path I've laid out for that particular campaign arc. Instead, I imagine that they will find another goal to chase for a while.

With that in mind, I begin to prepare for my campaign this evening. Since I typically run by the seat of my pants, err, I mean, off the cuff, I have to give consideration to the fact that the player-characters may pursue any of a number of possible plot threads. Each plot thread I've laid out could take them through a series of scenes, based on their choices. However, the significant scenes and potential end results are worth considering, as they make it easier to run games that are more sandbox-style and thus player-reactive.

Several of the PCs are seeking to retrieve magical equipment that they've ordered a few weeks back, and so must travel to a city about four days or so away. Random encounters can add a little bit of suspense, but honestly, they are likely to make it without any issues. Once they arrive, I could introduce a bit of an adventure to let them test out their new gear. To do so, though, I'd have to think about their friends, allies, contacts and acquaintances in the city. One of them may be having trouble, and request their aid for a short adventure (two-four scenes, tops, but enough to let them feel the promise of their newly acquired magical power.)

Alternately, I could step through each of the player-character's sheets, looking at their Hindrances for ideas. One has Heroic, so perhaps a scene with children in distress may be an interesting element that lets him explore that aspect of his character. Another has Curiosity, so any kind of mystery might be enough to give him something to do. They all have Enemies that they've made, and a reunion adventure might give them focus if they drift around too much without direction on their part.

And then again, I could simply wait for inspiration to strike. These guys are always asking questions, going places and looking for trouble, so coming up with adventures on the fly usually isn't difficult. Being prepared for them is another matter entirely. Still, they seem to enjoy themselves, and that's the most important thing to me.

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