Monday, July 02, 2012

My Personal Adventure: Letting Go...

Good Afternoon, All:

This week's posts will likely be short and sweet. As part of my personal adventure, I'm moving into a new place this week. It's smaller than my old place, and I'm having to cut down on my personal belongings. For those that know me, this is a pretty hard thing for me. Perhaps the deepest cut is the need to sell part of my gaming collection. A friend of mine will handle the sales on eBay, but it's still difficult to let go.

I've been studying up in minimalist living. It has helped me realize that if I have copies of the information electronically, I don't really need the physical copies eating up space. If I haven't opened a physical copy of the book in two years, I'm seriously planning on letting it go. For example, I have an almost complete set of World of Darkness (pre-Gehenna) books and supplements, for example. Expect to see that up for sale soon.

So what books are making the cut? What gets to stay in my personal library? I think I'll chat about that on Wednesday.

More Later,


Digital Orc said...

I, too, have problems letting go of my books.

However, please post sales updates. I'm always up for a new RPG book.

Sean B said...

Good luck! I know I'd have a lot of trouble getting rid of my junk. Every time I sell a book to the used book shop, I find a reason to use it within two months!

Jorunkun said...

Don't worry - letting go of stuff is always a good thing. I've moved nine times in the last 20 years, and shed more stuff than I care to know, And yet, I'd rather be the lightweight me than be weighed down by 20 years' worth of memorabilia. It's a net win, trust me.