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Traveller Sandbox: Sample Resource World Write-Ups...

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Before moving on to Exploration Sites, I wanted to wrap up the Resource World section with write-ups from our selection of example worlds. Each example is fleshed out in the form of Library Data entries on the three worlds in question. Note that the write-ups are written with a few specific goals: maximize the potential for flavor and adventure, yet remain concise so as to avoid overloading the reader with extraneous details.

Note: I made a quick check of the worlds in Segin sector, and found only two that returned results of being a homeworld to an alien species. One of these is Amaterasu (Segin 3110 B688735-A), which is located in Beta Quadrant. The other, for the idly curious, is Baduhenna (Segin 2322 C867AB9-9), located in the Heremod Unity of Delta Quadrant.

Jizo (Segin 2901 A7978AA-A Amber Zone): Settled by a radical group of Apocalyptic social scientists, Jizo has grown significantly in the centuries following its settlement. Based on meticulous calculations and hyperextensive socio-political analysis, the Jizo colonists believed that the galaxy would collapse into chaos and warfare in the "near future". In the face of that fear, the people of Jizo established the Ksitigarbha Institute. Ever since its founding, the Institute's sole mission has been to preserve the technical and historical knowledge that mankind had accumulated, so that it would not be lost in the predicted interstellar apocalypse. Although the cataclysmic event has yet to come to pass, the Ksitigarbha Institute is now the greatest repository of knowledge and information in Beta Quadrant. The Thulians, a scholarly alien species from Amaterasu (Segin 3110 B688735-A), have become enamored with the collection of data at the Ksitigarbha Institute, and have practically taken the planet by storm. Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, many well-to-do Thulians make a pilgrimage to Jizo at least once in their lifetimes.

Nyame (Segin 2202 B887797-8): Nyame, of all the systems in the Beta Quadrant, is the only world to produce a naturally occurring anagathic, the Zumbi Plant, which significantly inhibits the aging process if ingested regularly. All efforts to grow the Zumbi Plant outside of its native environment in the equatorial jungles of Nyame have failed. The highest castes of the local social structure consider the Zumbi Plant an exquisite spice in their meals, and the differences in longevity and wealth distribution between disparate social castes has led to a high degree of hatred between them.

Umikeo (Segin 2919 C969776-6): Umikeo is Beta Quadrant's biggest exporter of fissionable materials, which makes it a valuable world to many of the local interstellar polities. Unaligned, the various nations of this planet entertain diplomats from many worlds and polities, all of whom seek a portion of the radioactive exports that Umikeo produces, but no outside agency has been successful in establishing an official presence on the planet. Recently, interstellar journalists have begun to paint a picture of a powerful elite that rules Umikeo in secret, but so far, such allegations have proven to be unfounded.

With these examples complete, we can now move on to Exploration Sites, the "dungeons" or "ruins" of an interstellar Sci-Fi sandbox. But first, I think I'm going to talk a little bit about Red Zones, because there's a good chance that the fun stuff has been designated a Red Zone if it has been discovered.

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