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World of Samardan: Common Races, The Rakrani...

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As you know, I'm currently detailing the common races of the World of Samardan campaign setting. These will not be the only humanoids that will dwell in the setting, but these are the only ones that will be allowed as character options. Today's post deals with the Rakrani, which I had previously described as the Expert Race. Although I was asked to consider the Kaldanes of Barsoom for this role, I have elected to reserve the ecological niche of a parasitic lifeform for the Big Bad Guy race of the setting, and did not want to create a level of sympathy for them by allowing characters with a similar dependency on another species.

Rakrani ("Spider Men")
The Rakrani are small in comparison to the other common races of Samardan, standing around four feet tall and weighing on average around 80 pounds. Rakrani possess many features similar to humans, save for the additional pair of arms they possess, which gives them a vaguely spider-like appearance. Like most other humanoids, the Rakrani go almost completely naked, wearing only a harness with little ornamentation.

The Rakrani focus on matters of the intellect. Driven by curiosity and intellectual pride, the Rakrani's culture is centered around science, philosophy, and the arts. Members of this academic race typically value logic and critical thought over emotion and irrational behavior. This multi-limbed race is widely known for the quality of their healers and sages, as well as their general inability to understand humor. Those Rakrani that spend time among other races often do so as observers, teachers and seekers of lore.

The Rakrani are intelligent enough to recognize that their survival as a species, as well as the survival of the world itself, depends on the maintenance of the poorly understood and almost incomprehensible technology left behind as the legacy of the Ancient Ones. Indeed, a majority of Rakrani venerate the Ancient Ones as near-divine beings. The more isolated of the Rakrani often regard those who do not share their passion for understanding the mysteries of the Ancient Ones as lesser beings, useful tools best suited for labor and experimentation. Fortunately, this view is rarely shared by those who interact regularly with other, less intelligent races.

Basic Abilities: Rakrani have a +2 bonus to both Dexterity and Intelligence, but a -2 penalty to both Constitution and Strength, reflecting their intellectual nature and smaller stature. Rakrani have a base speed of 5. Due to their smaller size, Rakrani gain a +1 bonus to their Defense and a +2 bonus to their Stealth rolls.

Special Abilities: Rakrani have an additional pair of arms, which grant them an additional action each round at a -2 penalty. Alternately, in cases where manual dexterity may have impact, Rakrani may use both pairs of arms (basically using all four hands) to perform such tasks, granting themselves a +1 on any related skill Dexterity-based checks. In addition, Rakrani are naturally mechanically inclined, and gain a +2 bonus on all Craft rolls.

Saving Throws: Rakrani gain a +2 bonus on all Reflex saving throws.

Common Languages: Rakrani speak both Trade and their native tongue of Rakranese, in addition to a number of languages equal to their Intelligence bonus, if any.

Suggested Skills: The following skills are suggested for Rakrani characters: Craft, Lore.

As before, this is the first draft. In my next post, I intend to move forward with the last Common Race, the spiritual Mystic Race.

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