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World of Samardan: Common Races, The Sarrani...

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Today I'm detailing the last of the common races of the World of Samardan campaign setting. As I've mentioned before, these will not be the only humanoids that will dwell in the setting, but these are the only ones that will be allowed as options as characters. Today's post deals with the Sarrani, which I had previously described as the Mystic Race. I also decided to depart from my original thoughts on the subject of appearance, and imply a relationship with the dinosaur-like creatures that inhabit Samardan.

Sarrani ("Dinosaur Men")
The Sarrani are reptilian humanoids typically standing between six and seven feet tall. Their scales are normally dull, earthy colors such as green, brown, or gray. They have a tail for balance, which measures three to four feet long. Typical weight for the Sarrani is between 200 and 300 pounds. Unlike most other humanoids, the Sarrani wear clothing, primarily togas or robes, in addition to the commonplace harness.

A wise and ancient race, the Sarrani have sought to master their psionic potential above all else. Armed with the knowledge that their world is dying, the Sarrani have placed a lot of their racial focus toward moving their minds outside of their bodies, thus shedding their mortal shells without experiencing death or the end of their personal existences. It is their firm believe that this has already been accomplished by the Ancient Ones, and that the Sarrani are their spiritual descendants. Many Sarrani regard those who have not developed their mystical potential as mere children, and dismiss them as irrelevant in the greater pursuit of psionic mastery. Fortunately, they express this belief with a great amount of compassion and charisma.

Basic Abilities: Sarrani have a +2 bonus to both Charisma and Wisdom, but a -2 penalty to both Constitution and Dexterity, reflecting their focus on spirituality over their own mortal shells. Sarrani have a base speed of 6.

Special Abilities: Sarrani possess vicious claws that can be used as natural weapons (1d4 damage each). In addition, Sarrani are able to temporarily leave their body for up to five minutes, projecting their minds at the same speed as their physical form. While outside of their bodies, Sarrani can travel in any direction, even through solid barriers, although energy barriers block their passage. This ability may be used once per rest period.

Saving Throws: Sarrani gain a +2 bonus on all Will saving throws.

Common Languages: Sarrani speak both Trade and their native tongue of Sarranese, in addition to a number of languages equal to their Intelligence bonus, if any.

Suggested Skills: The following skills are suggested for Sarrani characters: Perception, Persuasion.

Now that I've laid out the basics for the three non-human common races, I think we can safely get back to the matter at hand, which is to create a map for the campaign setting.

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