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Enemies of Samardan: The Huntsmen of Sumakan...

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Our second minor regional enemy for the World of Samardan campaign setting is inspired by a number of stories both in and out of the genre. I wanted a group of men who hunted other men for sport and pleasure. With the presence of airships, such a group could easily be a regional menace, raiding small outlying settlements for prisoners while avoiding the stronger military forces of the cities and city-states. These murderous slavers call themselves the Huntsmen of Sumakan.

The Huntsmen of Sumakan

Description: Based out of an abandoned fortress overlooking a small box canyon, the Huntsmen of Sumakan raid settlements far and wide using their stolen airships. These bloodthirsty hunters will raid settlements solely for the purpose of taking prisoners. Those captives that show any initiative in trying to escape are used as the quarry for their monthly hunts, while the rest are sold into slavery. Those who survive the games are giving a choice between freedom and membership. Either way, they are branded with the mark of the Huntsmen, which could make it difficult in communities that have been struck by these raiders.

Personality: The name of this band, Sumakan, translates roughly conceptually as "honorable wolf," and they embody this mentality. Loyal and devoted to their pack, the Huntsmen are fierce warriors that strike quickly to cripple their foes. Unproven prisoners are considered prey, and are held as being less worthy of respect than the Huntsmen's pet dilkankati (highly intelligent six-legged wolf-like beast with an extraordinary talent for ambushing its prey). These men are fierce and wild, but surprisingly honorable to those who have proven to be predators rather than prey.

Stat Blocks: The following stat blocks for each representative member of Sumakan forces are based on the Sword and Planet: An Old School Roleplaying Game of Planetary Romance, which I wrote last year. Please feel free to convert these stats to the system of your choice, if you wish to use them elsewhere.

  • Sumakan Raider: DEF: 14; HD: 1; ATK: by short sword (1d6) or crystal pistol (1d8); ST: +2; SP: Terrain mastery; SPD: 6; CL: 1/2; XP: 150.
  • Sumakan Huntsman: DEF: 15; HD: 2; ATK: by short sword (1d6) or heavy crystal pistol (2d6); ST: +3; SP: Terrain mastery, skill mastery (1/rest); SPD: 6; CL: 1; XP: 300.
  • Dilkankat: DEF: 15; HD: 4; ATK: bite (1d6); ST: +4; SP: Ambush (+5 on Stealth), sneak attack; SPD: 7; CL: 2; XP: 450.


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