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Enemies of Samardan: Sky-Pirates of the Northern Peaks...

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In this post we start our revelation of the four Minor Enemies that will cause problems for the population of the World of Samardan campaign setting. For the first of our four entries at this level, I chose the one that sounded the most fun to me when I made mention of them previously. Straight out of the entry on Kolgrat, City of Marble, comes the dreaded Sky-Pirates of the Northern Peaks...

Sky-Pirates of the Northern Peaks

History: The dreaded Sky-Pirates of the Northern Peaks are considered a nuisance among most of the cities of the Granbalem, mostly because the Sky-Pirates know better than to attack the larger forces there. Among the smaller settlements of Samardan, however, the Sky-Pirates exert considerably more influence. Several times a year, the Sky-Pirates will visit such a settlement and demand tribute. Those who pay the exorbitant price are left alone, while those that do not are attacked from above with burning oil and makeshift bombs, to serve as a lesson to all who would dare oppose them. The current leader of the Sky-Pirates, the Pansanuba Bama Kudisjanan, has a penchant for collecting beautiful works of art. In recent years, she has taken to harassing Kolgrat, the City of Marble, in search of beautiful statues to add to her growing collection. The Crime Lords of Kolgrat are none too happy with her, and have offered a sizable bounty for her head, with or without her body attached.

Personality: The Pansanuba Bama Kudisjanan is, by all accounts, burdened with overconfidence. A talented flyer with a daredevil mentality, she tends to be rather showy in her conquests and actions. Subtle, she is not. Some rumor that this self-made Lady of the Skies is actually the daughter of one of the Crime Lords of Kolgrat, perhaps even Yaranu Moro himself, but proof has never been offered, nor does the Pansanuba claim such a heritage.

Stat Blocks: The following stat blocks for each representative member of the forces of the Sky-Pirates are based on the Sword and Planet: An Old School Roleplaying Game of Planetary Romance. Please feel free to convert these stats to the system of your choice, if you wish to use them elsewhere.

  • Sky Pirate: DEF: 14; HD: 1; ATK: by short sword (1d6) or crystal pistol (1d8); ST: +2; SP: Shipborn; SPD: 6; CL: 1/2; XP: 150.
  • Sky Raider: DEF: 15; HD: 2; ATK: by short sword (1d6) or heavy crystal pistol (2d6); ST: +3; SP: Shipborn, weapon mastery (+1 atk with Personal Firearms); SPD: 6; CL: 1; XP: 300.
  • Sky Commander: DEF: 16; HD: 5; ATK: by long sword (1d8) or crystal rifle (2d8); ST: +4; SP: Shipborn, weapon mastery (+1 atk with Personal Firearms); SPD: 6; CL: 2; XP: 450.


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