Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: New Year's Resolutions In Review...

GOod Morning, All:

Today, I reviewed my 2010 Gaming Resolutions, figuring that doing so helps me to evaluate what I have accomplished in the past year. Besides, tomorrow I need to post my 2011 Gaming Resolutions.

I failed to accomplish my first resolution for this year, publish four products. I did publish three books/supplements: MyD20 Lite Player's Guide, Hammersong's Legacy Campaign Setting, and Book of Races. I still feel good about what I got done, as I grossly underestimated the impact that a new baby would have on my available time. That I got three things completed in 2010 is pretty good, comparatively.

I succeeded in my second resolution, blog thrice weekly. I covered a wide range of topics in the 250 posts I've made this year, and actually posted an average of 4.8 posts a week. That's another feel-good moment from reviewing this year's resolutions.

In regards to my third resolution, publish four fanzines, I did not succeed in the slightest. However, I did transfer my editorship (and essentially the ownership of the Stellar Reaches fanzine) to Alvin Plummer mid-way through the year. He managed to publish four issues in the remainder of this year, accomplishing my resolution, but not through any effort on my part. I cannot claim it as a victory for me, but I do think making that decision was the best thing for the fans.

So, roughly, I feel like I hit it 50/50 this year, in terms of meeting my resolutions. Next year, I hope to do better. How did you do with yours?

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LoneIslander said...

I didn't have any resolutions, for me its just something that I'll end up breaking a month into the new year so there is just no point. I do commend to those who are able to keep them though.