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Missing Traveller OGC: Weapon Damage Tables...

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In continuing to address missing Open Game Content from the Traveller System Reference Document (TSRD), this time around I am addressing personal weapon damage. Much of this is simply generalized from my thoughts on Stellar Quest weaponry, but with damage dice appropriate to the 2d6 Open Gaming System found in the TSRD.

Melee Weapons
Weapon damage seems pretty consistent with the following approach, based on weapon size.

Table: Meleee Weapons By Weapon Size
Weapon SizeRangeDamageExample
DiminutiveMelee (close)1d3Under-sized dagger
TinyMelee (close)1d6Dagger, unarmed attack
SmallMelee (close)2d6Short sword
MediumMelee (reach)3d6Long sword
LargeMelee (reach)4d6Great sword
HugeMelee (reach)5d6Over-sized great sword

I will likely use the following chart for determining what weapons a particular race may use.

Table: Weapon Usage By Creature Size
DescriptionSmall CreatureMan-sized CreatureLarge Creature
One-handed, light weapon, concealableDiminutiveTinySmall
One-handed, light weaponTinySmallMedium

A more flesh-out example of a weapon's table will likely appear in this blog at a later date, but this will serve as the basis for it.

Ranged Weapons
Ranged weapons determine damage based on what propels the projectile, or in the case of advanced weaponry, what delivers the damage itself. As there are two general sizes of personal ranged weapons, one-handed (pistols) and two-handed (rifles), damage is determined based on weapon size as well.

Table: Ranged Weapons By Size And Power
Weapon SizeDamageExample
Muscle-Powered2d6Throwing dagger, bow, crossbow
Gunpowder, pistol2d6Pistols
Gunpowder, rifle3d6Rifles
Gunpowder, shotguns4d6Shotguns
Gauss, pistol3d6Gauss pistol
Gauss, rifle4d6Gauss rifle
Energy, pistol4d6Laser pistols
Energy, rifle5d6Laser rifles
Fusion/Plasma, pistol5d6Plasma pistols
Fusion/Plasma, rifle6d6Plasma rifles

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