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Traveller Sandbox: Interstellar Threats - Bastet...

Good Afternoon, Fellow Travellers:

Using the format I described in the previous post, I am going to describe the second of our four examples of Interstellar Threats. Welcome to the barbaric world of Bastet!

Bastet (Segin 1908 C558534-5)

Library Data: One of only two garden worlds in the Sutekh Empire, Bastet is the home of 700,000 people. Ruled by the Pharaoh Sheshi Semerkhet II, Bastet is the holographic image of a picturesque parochial life. The rule of Pharaoh Semerkhet II has been overshadowed by the actions of a local celebrity, Mahmoud Pasha, a former Star Admiral of the neighboring system of Seshat. Protected under the Pharaoh's political sanctuary, Admiral Pasha has taken to acts of piracy and raiding on nearby worlds. The naval squadron he has forged under his command has been known to make very precise strikes against Abrakos, Sutekh and a number of other worlds, bringing back luxury items and advanced technology to share with the ruling family.

Admiral Pasha's Personal Navy

Brief Description: A personal friend to Pharaoh Seshi Semerkhet II of Bastet, Mahmoud Pasha was once a Star Admiral for his homeworld of Seshat. Dismissed from duty and exiled under mysterious circumstances, Admiral Pasha sought refuge with his most powerful friend. Enjoying the Pharoah's protections, Admiral Pasha has gathered together a mercenary naval squadron, and now performs acts of piracy and raiding on the worlds of nearby systems. Despite their smaller numbers, Admiral Pasha's Personal Navy often survives due to exceptional naval tactics. The most talented of the Admiral's crews are former students of his, who have joined their mentor out of loyalty.

Encounter Groups: These are common encounter groups for this type of encounter.
  • Novice: 5 Pasha Spacehands, 1 Pasha Lieutenant. Close escort.
  • Seasoned: 15 Pasha Spacehands, 3 Pasha Lieutenants, 1 Pasha Commander. Corsair.
  • Veteran: 30 Pasha Spacehands, 6 Pasha Lieutenants, 2 Pasha Commanders. Two corsairs.

Stat Blocks: The following stats are provided as stock NPCs for quick reference.
  • Pasha Spacehand     Navy (crew) 1     777777
    Comms 0, Gunnery (turret) 1, Mechanic 1, Pilot (spacecraft) 1, Sensors 0, Vacc Suit 1
    Snub Pistol, Toolkit, Vacc Suit.
  • Pasha Lieutenant     Navy (crew) 4     688AA7
    Comms 1, Engineer (life support) 1, Engineer (P-plant) 2, Gunnery (turret) 2, Leadership 1, Mechanic 2, Melee (unarmed) 1, Pilot (spacecraft) 3, Sensors 1, Tactics (naval) 1, Vacc Suit 1, Zero-G 1
    Combat Armor (TL11), Snub Pistol, Toolkit.
  • Pasha Commander     Navy (flight) 3     7978AA
    Comms 1, Gun Cbt (slug pistol) 1, Gunnery (turret) 2, Leadership 3, Pilot (spacecraft) 2, Sensors 2, Tactics (naval) 3, Vacc Suit 0
    Combat armor (TL11), Hand computer, Snub Pistol.

Encounter Ideas: Here are six different scenarios related to this encounter type.
  1. The Pashan Navy hail the vessel and demand tribute to avoid further engagement.
  2. The Pashan Navy is engaged with an unarmed free trader, and are in the process of taking it as their own.
  3. The Pashan Navy is lying in wait, prepared to ambush anyone in the vicinity.
  4. The Pashan Navy is patrolling the region when the party encounters them.
  5. The Pashan Navy is protecting an unidentified ship on the surface below, which is engaged in an undisclosed activity.
  6. The Pashan Navy is returning to Bastet with a captured free trader.

Two more examples to provide, and then we move on to our next step, creating a Hall of Infamy for the Beta Quadrant. That should be a lot of fun, and I'm pretty sure Admiral Pasha is going to be one of the individuals I'd want to consider for that step.


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