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Madlands Campaign: Fellowship of the Flame...

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In keeping with requests for a little variety in my blog's content, I am including below a new organization that I'm going to be introducing into the Madlands Campaign. I'm hoping that it might prove useful for some of you as well. Fueras was once a character of mine, the first Fire Elementalist I'd ever gotten to play back in my 2nd Edition AD&D Tome of Magic days. Wanting to have a group of fire elementalists for my game, it was obviously time to pull out my old character and give him a place of honor in the current campaign.

Fellowship of the Flame
The Fellowship of the Flame is a mystical order devoted to the pursuit and perfection of fire-based magic. Recognized as much by their crimson cloaks as by the fiery nature of their spells, the Fellowship of the Flame is a small tradition of evokers that gather north of Fellgorge. Despite a small membership, the Fellowship has a very flashy presence and are becoming more widely known with each public event with which they become affiliated.
Headquarters: The Fellowship of the Flame is based in of a manor home outside the small community of Llanton, half a day's travel north of Fellgorge, with a spectacular view overlooking Sovereign Chasm. Given that the tradition does not yet have many adherents, the Fellowship have yet to establish any other holdings.
Members: Less than fifty mages officially belong to the Fellowship of the Flame. If there are any secret members of the order, not even the Fellowship is aware of them. Only those mages that demonstrate a marked talent for fire-based spells are approached with invitations to join. Each Fellow is branded with a stylized flame emblem on the upper right arm, and given the traditional crimson cloak that marks one officially as a member.
Organization: Founded by High Magus Fueras the Flame, the Fellowship is a fairly loose organization of members within the order. Members of the order are called Fellows, and only High Magus Fueras currently holds the title of Master within the organization. The Fellowship of the Flame is not a very secretive group, although they do not share the knowledge they gather with non-members.
Goals: The Fellowship is not secretive about the fact that they are an elite group of learned people who work together as peers in the pursuit of knowledge or practice in fire-based magic. Because of their preference for flame-based magic, members often find themselves under the watchful eye of the city guard when in Fellgorge and Genadros. High Magus Fueras the Flame has earned a number of political enemies in the past, some of whom seek to make life difficult for the Fellowship as a whole in order to hurt the Master of the Order.
Symbol: The symbol of the Fellowship of the Flame is a stylized orange flame on a black field.


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