Thursday, May 05, 2011

A-Z Challenge Recap: A PDF Of The Whole Pantheon...

Good Morning, All:

At James' request, I have put together a simple PDF of the contents of all 27 pantheon posts from the A-Z Challenge (the 26 core posts, plus the tables from the first recap post). This PDF can be found at the Google site for my gaming files:

Consolidated Pantheon for "Flynn's World"

Please review it at your leisure and share any comments that strike your fancy as you read through it.

Hope You Enjoy,


Trey said...

Thanks for compiling those.

James said...

Yes, thanks a heap, Flynn.

I actually quite like the idea of this 'self-contained' pantheon, where each of the 26 letters of the alphabet has a single deity.

These are nice, thematic write-ups that form a great pantheon that I'd use whole cloth if I were to run a game in a setting of my own creation.

Well done.