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A-Z Challenge Recap: The Whole Pantheon...

Good Morning, All:

As a brief recap of the consolidated pantheon that I posted last month as my contribution to the A-Z Challenge, I'd like to offer the following two tables as a synopsis of the information presented.

Table: The Pantheon of Kintara
DeityEpitaphPortfolioFavored WeaponSymbol
Alonna (f)The Wild LadyAnimals, the wilderness, the hunt and the harvestShortbowSilver unicorn horn
Celena (f)The Star MistressThe night, the moon and the stars aboveDaggerSilver crescent moon
Dworkin (m)The Stone FatherCrafts, trade and mountainsGreat axeBlack anvil
Estara (f)The Divine LoverLove, lust, family and fertilityLight maceInter-linked gold rings
Herea (f)The Hearth MotherAgriculture, community, the hearth and the homeHeavy flailGolden sheaf of grain
Joven (m)The Healing HandHealing, protection, strength and wisdomFist (unarmed)Green ouroboros
Lorae (f)The Sacred MuseArts, creativity, music and peaceClubGolden harp
Meritus (m)The Great LordHonor, justice and nobilityLong swordWhite phoenix
Oceanus (m)The Sea WardenWater, rivers and the seaTridentBlue wave’s crest
Psyche (f)The Weaver of FatesFate, secrecy, magic and knowledgeQuarterstaffGolden eye
Sandamos (m)The Demon KingDemons, darkness, shadows and vengeanceBarbed whipBlack spiraled whip
Thanatos (m)The Flame LordFire, war, death and the UnderworldGlaiveCrimson skull of flame
Vanuros (m)The Sun LordLight, the sun, the sky and weatherWarhammerGolden lightning bolt

Table: Popular Demigods
DemigodEpitaphDeityPortfolioFavored WeaponSymbol
Bakkhos (m)The Wine MasterEstaraWine, brewing and revelryClubPurple grapes bunch
Feralin (f)The Nimble MaidenCelenaFreedom, fugitives and thievesLight flailShattered silver manacles
Gram (m)The Emerald WarriorMeritusSwords, battle and martial prowessGreatswordGreen greatsword
Indra (f)Queen of StormsVanurosRain, storms and windSpearBlue tear drop
Kali’na (f)Maiden of MurderSandamosMurder, slaughter and assassinationDaggerBlack kris dagger
Nabaneth (m)The Holy WandererDworkinTravel, wanderlust and explorationQuarterstaffTwo quarter staves crossed saltire
Quanana (f)Mother of MercyLoraeCompassion, mercy and transformationQuarterstaffWhite handprint
Reverie (f)The Dream WalkerPsycheDreams, slumber and illusionsFighting cloakBlue cloak
Uthor (m)The Great ArcherAlonnaArchery, running and survivalLongbowVine-entwined golden longbow
Wodan (m)The Death BearerThanatosBerserkers, battle and gathering the souls of the fallenSpearBlack raven
Xathandra (f)The Lady of SpringHereaProsperity, renewal and vitalityLight maceRising golden sun
Yesha (f)The Daughter of WavesOceanusLakes, streams and fishingNetGolden fish
Zenjin (m)The Eternal SentryJovenDefenders, guardians and protectorsLongswordWhite helm on red shield

Using the information above (and in the posts describing each deity or demigod), I am considering whether I want to pursue this development even further from a game mechanic perspective. For MyD20 Lite, I am considering creating some appropriate Priest Talents that will be reserved for followers of specific deities, so that Priests can have special abilities with flavor specific to their deity. For Savage worlds, I'd create Patron Edges, akin to the Disciple Edges of Hellfrost or the Patron Deity Edges of Savage Suzerain. Of course, to make these write-ups a little more Savage Worlds-friendly, I may need to step in and modify the dogma portion to follow the standard implied by the Arcane Background (Miracles) Edge. In other words, I would need to re-organize the material into four sections, which covers the sacred duty, the minor sins, the major sins and the mortal sins of the priesthoods of each deity. While this would be useful for any roleplaying system, it would have particular impact in a Savage Worlds environment.

What are your thoughts, particularly since you've now had the chance to have read each entry?

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James said...

I think the idea of developing some Priest talents that help differentiate priest a little further in MyD20 lite is a great idea!

James said...

It'd also be great to have a pdf of all of these Gods and Demigods write-ups from you A-Z challenge.

Flynn said...

I'll definitely put something together in PDF here shortly. :)