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Stellar Quest: Primitive Races...

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This weekend, I worked a little on the Stellar Quest document, as I was inspired to capture some of my monster-building energy into work on one of the many projects I still have outstanding. In this case, I tackled the bestiary section of the book devoted to primitive, non-starfaring races. I wanted this section to have six entries for the sake of variety, but only had three entries after converting lists generated from the inspirational source material. Given the need for three others, I turned to the fantasy SRD and came up with three additional creatures (after a little modification to fit the setting of course.) Please feel free to read through the entries below, and let me know your thoughts on the monsters I've built for some Old School Space Opera gaming fun.

The Stellar Quest setting is populated by a number of primitive races. These races are typically planet-bound, as they do not possess technology of sufficient level to engage in faster-than-light travel. Like most primitive cultures, members of these races tend to be frightened, uneasy or even hostile in the presence of sentients from other worlds and other star systems.

Any of a number of ape-like humanoids can be found on numerous worlds through the Stellar Quest setting. Some scientists point to the genetic similarities shared by these ape-men as further proof that the Progenitors seeded many worlds in this region of space long ago. Ape-men have a very strong olfactory sense, which makes them very good hunters and trackers.
Ape-Man: AC 7 [12]; HD 2; Atk: club or spear (1d6); ST: 16; SP: +4 on perception-based Wisdom checks based on scent; MV: 12; CL 3.

Beshan are a primitive race of short-statured, near-bestial humanoids known for their rage-filled nature. Utterly devoid of empathy with any living creature, beshan delight in inflicting pain. Completely insane by the standards of most races, beshan work well with others of their kind, forming predatory packs that attack any creature they can find. Beshan often take gruesome souvenirs of their victims, such as fingers, ears, and teeth, which they use to adorn themselves. When wounded in battle, the beshan go berserk, gaining a +2 bonus on melee attack rolls and damage, but suffering a -2 penalty to AC. This frenzied state lasts until the beshan has no one left to attack for several minutes, at which time it passes out from exhaustion.
Beshan: AC 6[13]; HD 1d6hp; Atk: 1 bite (1d6); ST: 17; SP: berserk (when wounded, gain +2 to attacks and damage, but suffer -2 penalty to AC); MV: 9; CL 1.

The hellak are hairless, grey-skinned humanoids with short tusks protruding from their mouths. Larger and bulkier than men, these beast-men dwell in remote mountain caves and forgotten archeological ruins of their native homeworld. Hellak often prey upon explorers and scientists passing through their territories, as many off-worlders come to their world to study the ruins left behind by a long-lost starfaring race. Hellak typically arm themselves with such weapons as they can take from their victims, for they are not industrious. They wear an assortment of armor, usually misused but still functional. The hellak bully, and often attempt to enslave, less aggressive races. Despite their size, the hellak are extremely stealthy on their great, flat feet, and gain a +4 bonus on stealth-based Dexterity checks.
Hellak: AC 5[14]; HD 2; Atk: by weapon (1d6); ST: 16; SP: +4 on stealth-based Dexterity checks; MV: 12; CL: 2.

Salivore (aka “Salt Eater”)
The salivore is a humanoid creature that stands slightly shorter than a Terran, with olive grey skin, white hair and a moray-like mouth. The salt eater feeds on salts, and prefers to extract salt from living beings. The salt eater attacks first with a bite, and on a successful hit it is has automatically grabbed hold of its prey and continues to inflict an additional 1d10 hit points of damage on subsequent rounds without further rolls to hit, until the target is dead or has been freed. The salivore possesses a psionic lure that allows it to appear as a friendly individual to its targets (creatures without psionic shields must succeed in a saving throw in order to see through the mental illusion.) At close range, the salivore can mentally stun its victim (an adjacent target must succeed in a saving throw or be held in place, immobile, for 1d4 rounds.)
Salivore: AC 2[17]; HD 7; Atk: 1 bite (1d10 plus grabbed); ST: 9; SP: mental stun (held for 1d4 rounds, save negates), psionic lure (illusory appearance as ally, save negates), salt drain (1d10 per round until target is dead or free); MV 12; CL 10.

Sharakans resemble fish-men with shark-like teeth. A primitive aquatic race, sharakans dwell in the depths of the shallow seas and coastal regions of their world. Wild and dangerous, the sharakan have been known to raid the surface settlements of colonists for both plunder and sport. Some sharakans may have entangling nets used to ensnare opponents.
Sharakan: AC 5[14]; HD 2; Atk: heavy spear or trident (1d8); ST: 16; SP: none; MV 12 (Swim 18); CL: 2.

Wendigans are large primitive humanoids noted for their thick furry hides and their use of Stone Age technology. The colonists that originally settled the wendigan homeworld discovered that the giant natives that dwelt in the surrounding mountains were cannibalistic headhunters. The central star of the system emits a significant amount of radio interference, making communication difficult at best and rendering teleportation technology unreliable. At least one survey mission has crashed in the mountains and had to use primitive, handmade weapons to defend themselves against the formidable threat posed by native wendigans. All but two of the survey team survived. Since then, an uneasy peace has been forged between the local natives and the colonists, but problems still arise as nomadic wendigans drift into the region of the Confederation colony.
Wendigan: AC 5[14]; HD 4; Atk: large wendigan club (2d6+2) or thrown rock/spear (1d6); ST: 13; SP: none; MV: 9; CL 4.


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