Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Traveller World Tags: Agricultural, Asteroid and Barren...

Good Afternoon, All:

To start off my short series of posts on Traveller World Tags, I'm starting off with the following trade codes: Agricultural (Ag), Asteroid (As), Barren (Ba).

My thoughts on world tags for these trade codes follow:

Agricultural (Ag)

Allies/Contacts:Botanical researcher; Local sheriff; Plantation overseer; Retired adventurer-turned-rancher
Rivals/Enemies:Ambitious land baron; Corrupt health/agroproduct inspector; Protection racketeers in outlying communities; Offworld pharmaceutical competitor
Targets:Agricultural equipment; New hybrid crops; Prize livestock; Thoroughbred mounts
Locales:Agroproduct warehouse; Expansive ranch house/plantation; Outlying settlement; Stock yards/livestock processing plant
Challenges:Dangerous native predators; Frontier lawlessness in outlying communities; Livestock stampedes

Asteroid (As)

Allies/Contacts:Family of belters; Prospector with a past; Smelting plant technician
Rivals/Enemies:Corrupt prospector union representative; Mining operation general manager; Saboteur for competition
Targets:Map to a rich lode; Mining corporation payroll transport; Prospecting drone; Raw ore shipment
Locales:Belter family station/base; Mining operation site; Rich lode on an isolated asteroid; Seedy spaceport catering to local belters
Challenges:Corrupted local prospector union; Life support failure; Saboteurs with a knack for demolitions

Barren (Ba)

Allies/Contacts:Base technician; Research scientist; Shipwreck survivor; Pirate crewmember
Rivals/Enemies:Administrator of secret base; Crazy outpost survivor; Criminal mastermind in hiding; Pirate captain
Targets:Black box of a crashed starship; Environmental samples from a future colony site; Secret cache of stolen goods; Starship stolen by pirates
Locales:Abandoned outpost; Automated interdiction/hazard beacon; Hidden base (military, research or pirate); Wreckage of crashed starship
Challenges:Automated Interdiction anti-starship weaponry; Extremely hazardous weather conditions; Heavy radiation; Virulent plague

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions to improve the options listed above?

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The Armchair Squid said...

Traveller! It's funny, I was just thinking about that game and wondering if it's still around. Back in the day, it was the one RPG which captured our imagination with anything comparable to D&D. Nice to meet you!

Flynn said...

Thanks, Squid. Nice to meet you, too! Yeah, Traveller has gone OGL as of a few years ago. I've released a few books for the updated system, and I can direct you to other supplements that are equally awesome, if you are looking to get back into it. :)

Welcome Aboard,