Monday, September 24, 2012

Savage Odyssey Prime: Generic Random Encounter Table Template...

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In my Savage Odyssey Prime setting, I can foresee that there will be plenty of opportunities for random encounters. Most of the worlds will not be filled with fantasy wildlife, which means that my usual random encounter tables are out. Instead, I feel the need to come up with some non-magical generic ones. For lack of a better option, I think I'll use the following template:

Table: Generic Random Encounter

2Local Horror

The entries are defined below:
  • Animal: This entry indicates some specimen of the local wildlife. This could be a group of pack hunters or a single lone predator. It could be a large herbivore, a heard of grazers or a stalking pouncer. This should be a creature common to the area, and found in abundance.
  • Flyer: Almost all areas are accessible to flying creatures. This entry indicates either a single flyer, or a flock of them.
  • Humanoid: This section is a catch-all for any humanoid race. This usually indicates local humans, but on worlds with a diverse set of races or whose native race is not human, this entry covers those possibilities.
  • Local Horror: This option represents the apex predator of the region, the hell beast that destroys parties, the Big Nasty that makes you thankful for having grenades. Here there be dragons, or the local equivalent.
  • Vermin: This entry covers the basic pests, swarms and other noxious, objectionable or disgusting creatures that are difficult to control.
  • Special: This entry allows for the weird, the unusual or the specially prepared encounter. This is the basic "GM Option" result. If the GM has nothing he wants to do with this result, he can always reroll.

With this in hand, I can create a small list of each encounter type for a given location, and have a choice on hand for those times when the party has a random encounter during the course of play. Woohoo!

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Kobold said...

Nice work. This would work as a starter template for Traveller encounters as well.

Flynn said...

Nice thought. I hadn't considered that aspect of it, to be honest. ...makes mental note...