Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Savage Odyssey Prime: Three Dimensions Serving As Lairs...

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Now that I have a few basics down regarding the big movers and shakers of my Savage Odyssey Prime campaign, I feel that I can move forward with the creation of a few dimensions that could be found on the gate map that the PCs will find during the first adventure. This collection focuses on dimensions that are dangerous to exploring Odyssey Teams, and thus could be classified as Lairs in a proper sandbox campaign setting:

Naacali (57, -2, -90, 62, -35, 3): Standard gravity; Standard atmosphere; Waterworld; Population 65,397,259 (100% Human); Theocracy; Industrial technology; Mysticism/Religious, Central/South America, Military Conflict.
Steeped in Mayan and Incan cultures, the people of Naacali have recently ended their first World War over religious differences, destroying major cultural centers and driving pockets of resistance into hiding. A program of systematic locating and destroying other religions still continues in these post-War days, and any, including Odyssey Team members, who do not observe or recognize the bloodthirsty state religion are hunting, tried and executed for religious heresy.

Plagueworld (97, 44, 75, -82, -41, -1): Standard gravity; Standard atmosphere; Wet world; Population 8,562 living (Human), 5,567,198,738 non-living (Zombies); Anarchy; Industrial technology; Post-Apocalyptic, North American, Global Crisis.
A few years before an Odyssey Team first contacted this world, a virulent super-plague struck the vast majority of the population into Zombies. Now, the last few living humans struggle to survive against the onslaught of the raging Zombie forces. Of course, should a team successfully locate a haven of humanity, their leaders will demand safety for their people if they ever discover the truth behind the Odyssey Team's origins.

Shaggai (-55, -83, -44, 87, -83, 2): Low gravity; Thin atmosphere; Wet world; Population 9,145,658 (82% Shan, 17% Lith, 1% Other); Isolated hive-minds; Stellar technology; Exotic/Surreal, Non-human/Alien, Dominant Species.
The world of Shaggai is obviously a dying world peopled by the Shan and the Lith, native races that control animals and other creatures psychically through a parasitic arrangement. Having discovered portal technology, the people of Shaggai have collected species from numerous other dimensions for study and evaluation. The resulting menagerie of sentient and non-sentient creatures rivals any other similar preserve that Odyssey Teams might encounter over the course of their mission. Ultimately, the parasitic Hive-Lords of Shaggai are seeking suitable hosts possessing a physiology not unlike the Builders themselves, in order to leave their own dying world.

I'm hoping that the above will provide some interesting experiences for the players, as well as their characters. I'm sure that other "Lair" dimensions will provide equally challenging encounters as the Od Teams try to survive a week under such unusual circumstances.

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