Friday, September 28, 2012

Savage Odyssey Prime: Three Dimensions Serving As Wilderness...

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To continue our tour of a sandbox setting for Savage Odyssey Prime campaign, I have turned my eye toward Wilderness Encounters. This collection focuses on dimensions that predominately wilderness areas, rich with resources for possible exploitation, and thus could be classified as Resources in a proper sandbox campaign setting:

Avalon (-16, 73, 42, -48, -81, 0): Standard gravity; Standard atmosphere; Wet world; Population 1,234,597,341 (80% Human, 8% Elves, 6% Dwarves, 6% Other); Feudalism; Medieval technology; Fantasy, European, Arcane.
Avalon resembles a living, breathing world taken almost directly out of cheap fantasy novels. A wide variety of mythical creatures inhabit the wilderness that stretches between isolated kingdoms, and local laws of physics support the practice of magical spells and talismans. While predominately human, other sentient races exist on the periphery of civilization, another obstacle for Odyssey Teams travelling from portal sites to nearby settlements.

Darwin (-54, -19, 66, -26, -21, -1): Standard gravity; Standard atmosphere; Wet world; Population 1,654,654 (100% Proto-human); Dictatorship; Primitive technology; New Frontier, Prehistoric, Environmental.
Unlike our own Earth's timeline, the dinosaurs never became extinct on Darwin, and now exist side by side with primitive proto-humans. Aside from the megafauna that ravage the lands, Darwin is noted for the presence of a small outpost constructed by an Odyssey Team stranded in this dimension several years in the past through a miscalculation on an early attempt to connect to this dimension.

Rancor (-55, -83, -44, 87, -83, 2): High gravity; Dense atmosphere; Wet world; Population 6,157 (100% Human); Colony; Stellar technology; New Frontier, North American, Global Crisis.
Rancor is a tumultuous world, constantly shifting due to very active plate tectonics, high tidal forces from its two moons, and a large amount of radioactive materials. Everything on the planet is predatory, plant or animal, and is capable of killing an unwary human instantly. To make matters worse, the entire planet seems driven to kill humans. In the midst of this harsh environment, a single colony of off-worlders attempt to fight off the local wildlife as they mine the area for radioactive ore.

I believe that the above will offer some colorful and interesting environments for purposes of game play. After all, a world of dinosaurs, a world of fantasy creatures and a world of super-aggressive human-hating wildlife all offer some unique opportunities, I hope. Imagine trying to survive a week on one of these worlds before the portal opens up again and you can return.

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