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Hammersong's Legacy: The Cosmology...

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As part of the setting for Hammersong's Legacy, I have had to consider what kind of cosmology I want to use, as such can shape higher level challenges and extraplanar storylines. I've never been big on the Great Wheel cosmology espoused by TSR and WOTC. Instead, I've pretty much used variations of my own since 2nd Edition AD&D back in the early 90s. It has been influenced by the Great Wheel in part, but I think a bigger influence has been Mayfair Games' Demons Campaign Setting and the cosmology of White Wolf's World of Darkness v1.0. Below are my raw notes on the cosmology I'm currently using in my own game, which I will likely clean up for inclusion in Hammersong's Legacy. Please let me know your thoughts.

* The Plane Prime
The home dimension of Terantha, the Plane Prime is considered by planar scholars and sages (at least those native to the Plane Prime) to be the center of the universe, and defines what is considered normal. All other planes are evaluated using the Plane Prime as the basis for comparison.

* Alternate Primes
Other realms that exist in a manner similar to the Plane Prime. Most alternate primes do not differ significantly in terms of planar traits, although they may be significantly different in other regards. Planar scholars note that alternate primes have different Patrons, whose clerics have power in those realms, but have no power in this, our Plane Prime. These scholars use this point to justify their stance that the Plane Prime is the center of the universe.

* The Grey Mysts
The Grey Mysts are a transitive plane of swirling grey mists which connects the various other planes together.

* Chorus of the Four Winds
A realm dedicated to the element of air.

* Deepmantle
A realm dedicated to the element of earth.

* Emberrealms
A realm dedicated to the element of fire.

* Everysea
A realm dedicated to the element of water.

* Arborea, The Faerie Courts
The natural realm of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, this plane seems closely affiliated with the Plane Prime.

* The Lands of Light
A plane of spiritual ascension, the Lands of Light are marked by the presence of saintly Servitors and spirit creatures dedicated to selfless deeds and the protection/preservation of others. The Lands of Light are the common gateway to more holy planes, such as the Manors Divine.

* The Manors Divine
Individual realms that serve as the home planes of the Patrons.

* The Shadowlands
A realm of restless spirits, trapped herein upon their death by the more vile Servitors and tormented by the twisted creatures that call this realm their home. The Shadowlands are the common gateway to more unholy planes, such as the Infernus or the myriad of demi-planes known as the Ten Thousand Hells.

* The Infernus
A most vile realm, the Infernus is the home plane for demons and similar Servitors. Some scholars refer to the Infernus as the Manors Infernal for that reason, though the term is rarely used outside of academia.

* The Ten Thousand Hells
A collective name for countless vile demi-planes, the Ten Thousand Hells are the home realms of numerous unholy Servitor races. Each plane is distinctive from the others, but their inhospitable environments do not support easily support life normally associated with the Plane Prime, causing them to be classified together by sages when the need for generalization arises.

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