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Hammersong's Legacy: A Question of Slavery...

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In working on the Hammersong's Legacy campaign setting, I have introduced a significant amount of slavery into the setting. I feel that, in any post-apocalyptic world, there will be those that recover due to their strength, and have no qualms about using that strength to impose their will on the world around them. The beacon of light that is the PCs' home region should have something to fight against, and the presence of slavers and slavery in general gives them something to work against. Theirs is a more enlightened society, as it does not engage in the barbaric act of slavery (for the most part), and in presenting my material for this section in an in-character manner, I have tried to demonstrate that disdain.

I have made it known in no uncertain terms that I, like many others here in my adopted homeland of the Duar Protectorate, abhor slavery of any kind. Yet it is a harsh fact of life that many lands do not hold to the same enlightened philosophies themselves. Indeed, in many lands, slavery is a wide-spread practice, and as such, I mention it here simply to grant context for those raised with more delicate sensitivities.

I then go on to explain the four common sources of slaves (indentured servants, criminals, slaves by birth and slaves by capture) and the four common categories of slaves (laborers, craftsmen, scholars and experts). Although they are not explicitly called out in the text, pleasure slaves often fall into that last category. I then wrap up this section with a small paragraph on determining the market value of slaves.

In total, this section covers about a page of text in the rough draft. I figure that this should be enough focus on what might be a delicate subject for some, and I am using this simply to put the subject of slavery within context for the adventure potential that it provides. (Also, it helps paint the picture of the Aftermath of the War of All Gods as not being all peaches and cream, if you will.)

I'm curious: Is this an appropriate means of handling this subject within a campaign setting? If not, what should I change? I look forward to your comments, as they are often thought-provoking and insightful, to say the least.

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