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MyD20 Lite Optional Classes: The Crusader...

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The Crusader is the second of the three optional character classes left out of the original MyD20 Lite rules. It embodies the Priest-Warrior concept as a single class, with a stronger martial prowess over a Priest in exchange for a slower spell progression.


The Crusader embodies the militant divine spellcaster, trading some of the Priest's aptitude for divine magics in order to gain some of the Warrior's combat prowess. Crusaders are commonly found among cultures that promote both divine power and martial prowess, and tend to resolve conflicts through a balance between enlightenment and strength.
Hit Dice: d10 (20 + Con Modifier at 1st Level, 6 + Con Modifier per level from 2nd to 9th level, gain 3 hp/level at 10th and later levels)
Prime Attribute: Wisdom
Saving Throw Bonuses: +2 Fortitude, +1 Will
Starting Skills: 3 + Int Modifier. The following skills are suggested for a Sorcerer character, but not required: Athletics, Beastkeeping, Crafts (any), Heal, Lore (Engineering, Geography, History, Nature, Nobility, Religion, Tactics), Perception, Perform (Oratory), Survival, Transport (Land Mounts).
Starting Weapon Groups: 4.
Starting Armor/Shields: All Armor, All Shields
Class Features: The following are considered class features for the Crusader. When a target is required to make a saving throw against a given class feature, the Difficulty of the saving throw is equal to a base of 10, plus the Crusader's Class Level Modifier and his Wisdom bonus, if any.
Divine Spells: The Crusader has developed the ability to cast divine spells, in a manner similar to the Priest. The Crusader table below captures the Spellpoints and Maximum Spell Level for this class.
Talents: At 1st level and every three levels thereafter, the Crusader may select a talent from the lists given under "Talents for Everyone", "Talents for Spellcasters", Priests and Warriors.

Table: The Crusader

LevelHDBABMax LvlSPsClass Features
12d10+110*Talent, Divine Spells

NOTE: A 1st level Crusader can cast spells only if he has bonus spellpoints due to a high Wisdom.

Next time, I'll finish up with the Dungeoneer, the Mage-Rogue class.

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James said...

Hmmm. My feeling is that given that your proposed Crusader class advances at the same rate as a warrior, has access to virtually all of the warrior perks with the added bonus of priest spell-casting that most MIN/MAX players will see the Crusader as more powerful.

Doesn't multiclassing effectively produce the same outcome: A warrior that advances more slowly but with spells?

Flynn said...

Yes. I am merely posting these optional classes for those that may be interested in the classes that didn't make the cut. This particular version does not gain weapon mastery, and truth be told, in a final version of this class, I'd rather create a unique list of talents instead of allowing the class to pick and choose from the Warrior and Priest selections.

That's ultimately why I post things here, to get good feedback that leads to improvements. Without feedback, I don't learn, and nothing changes. That's why I appreciate your feedback, James. You're doing a lot to shape the direction of MyD20 Lite, simply through the questions you ask and the opinions you express.

With Much Appreciation,