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MyD20 Lite Optional Classes: The Dungeoneer...

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The Dungeoneer is the last of the three optional character classes left out of the original MyD20 Lite rules. It embodies the Mage-Rogue concept as a single class, with a greater emphasis on skills in exchange for a slower spell progression.


The Dungeoneer embodies the arcane thief, trading some of the Mage's aptitude for arcane magics in order to gain some of the Rogue's skill expertise. Dungeoneers are commonly found among cultures that emphasize both magic and education, and tend to resolve conflicts through a balance between reasoning and evasion.
Hit Dice: d6 (12 + Con Modifier at 1st Level, 4 + Con Modifier per level from 2nd to 9th level, gain 1 hp/level at 10th and later levels)
Prime Attribute: Intelligence
Saving Throw Bonuses: +2 Reflex, +1 Will
Starting Skills: 4 + Int Modifier. The following skills are suggested for a Dungeoneer character, but not required: Acrobatics, Athletics, Commerce, Crafts (any), Deception, Legerdemain, Lore (Arcana, Geography, History, Local, Nature), Perception, Perform (any), Persuasion, Stealth.
Starting Weapon Groups: 2.
Starting Armor/Shields: Light Armor, Light Shields
Class Features: The following are considered class features for the Dungeoneer. When a target is required to make a saving throw against a given class feature, the Difficulty of the saving throw is equal to a base of 10, plus the Dungeoneer's Class Level Modifier and his Intelligence bonus, if any.
Arcane Spells: The Dungeoneer has developed the ability to cast arcane spells, in a manner similar to the Mage. The Dungeoneer table below captures the Spellpoints and Maximum Spell Level for this class.
Talents: At 1st level and every three levels thereafter, the Dungeoneer may select a talent from the lists given under "Talents for Everyone", "Talents for Spellcasters", Mages and Rogues.

Table: The Dungeoneer

LevelHDBABMax LvlSPsClass Features
12d8+010*Talent, Arcane Spells

NOTE: A 1st level Dungeoneer can cast spells only if he has bonus spellpoints due to a high Intelligence.

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James said...

Nice. I like the conversion here. Sounds like a nasty critter.

A note: Is your movement rate conversion accurate?

12" (fly 20") seems like it should convert to 6 sq(fly 10), rather than 6 sq (fly 8).

Flynn said...

It's perfectly understandable. You are assuming a straight one-to-one relationship of distance. Since I tend to play on a tabletop with minis, I use a conversion from Savage Worlds in halves the difference in speed above or below the human norm. This same conversion appears to be used in 4E, as well, but in spite of that, I still like it. It brings dragon flight and other large movement numbers down to a more manageable size for the purposes of using a mat.

BTW, this comment should probably have been put on post for the Malniatu translation. ;)

Hope This Helps,

James said...

Whoops, didn't mean to post it here!

Thanks for the explanation of the flying speeds. Rarely comes up "in-game" anyway, but thanks for the clarification.