Friday, February 05, 2010

MyD20 Lite Referee's Guide: New Draft Posted...

Good Morning, All:

I have posted V3.0 of the MyD20 Lite Referee's Guide draft document to my gaming files site. This version adds 18 pages to the previous draft. The following areas have seen some additions, but are not yet complete (I do tend to skip around a bit):

Under "Running the Session":
* Text under the Character Development, Multiple Characters and New Characters sections.

Under "Common Elements":
* Text under Alignment, Allegiances & Nature and Alternate Dimensions & Other Planes sections.

Under "A Basic Bestiary":
* Text under Common Special Abilities, Elite and Solo Monsters, and some descriptive text under specific monsters.

Under "Stock NPCs":
* Text under Reading NPC Descriptions.

Under "New Monster Creation"
* Text under the Combat Values and Challenge Ratings sections.

Under "Adventure Creation Advice":
* Text under Designing a Dungeon Adventure, including the beginnings of a One Page Dungeon.

Under "Treasures and Other Rewards":
* Text under Treasure, Mundane Items (including Special Materials), and Magic Items sections.

While I would appreciate feedback on the entire document, if you want to limit yourself to the above, anything would be greatly appreciated.

With Regards,


James said...


Sorry I can't give any feedback. I'm back to work after my Summer break (yes, I live in Australia) and haven't had time to look through this latest draft!

Please keep them coming though - I really like what you are doing with MyD20 Lite!

James said...


I had a chance to skim through the new sections. I am really impressed by the quality of what you have to say and the concise manner in which you go about it.

Only one suggestion at this point - I was a bit confused when reading the section on creating magic items when you mention a "power point" cost. Maybe a short example would help?

I'm looking forward to reading more of your Referee's guide in the future.

All the best!

Flynn said...

Good catch. By power point, I meant spellpoint, of course. I'm currently running a campaign in Savage Worlds, where magic is powered by power points, and the vocabulary slips over from time to time.

I'll update that in the next draft I post, which will likely be next week sometime.

With Regards,