Friday, February 19, 2010

Off To OwlCon!

Good Morning, All:

Not much to report today, save that I'm heading out to OwlCon sometime soon. While there, I'll be running two events under the Savage Worlds rules, but with a heavy Old School flavor to them.

Pavilion of the Dragon King
Lying at the center of the Hanging Gardens of Shar'dan, the Pavilion of the Dragon King protects a magical throne said to confer sovereignty upon all who sit upon it. A daring band of adventurers must defeat the dangers of the Hanging Gardens as they escort a young Prince to fulfill his birthright.
Friday evening, 8pm-12pm

The Cairn of the Blood God
The Cairn of the Blood God has remained hidden from the eyes of men for centuries, protecting its many secrets. Now a band of daring adventurers must brave its aberrant defenders in search of the famed ruby known as the Blood God's Eye.
Sunday morning, 10am-2pm

I'll post a quick report on Sunday evening to let you know how the convention went, and in particular how the two events played out. I'm meeting a few of my old gamer buddies there, too, so I'm doubly excited about this weekend's gaming prospects.

More On Sunday,


James said...

Hope you have a good time!

James said...

Hi Flynn.

How was the con?

Flynn said...

I had a great time! I'm going to post a "review" of my OwlCon experience tomorrow (Tuesday).

More Details Then,