Monday, January 18, 2010

Hammersong's Legacy: The Wyrmblooded...

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Here's another snippet from the fantasy setting I'm working on, Hammersong's Legacy. This time, I thought I'd drop a note about one of the races from the setting, the Wyrmblooded. Here's what the race chapter currently says about them:

Not all of the depravities wrought on the world came at the hands of the gods. The ancient serpentfolk known as the Drakon once used their vile mysticism in a terrible experiment to warp the offspring of powerful dragons into a more servile race. Though many variations were forged over the course of this magical rite, the most viable results were the predecessors of the Wyrmblooded race. Through careful breeding, these beings were forced to become a slave race in service to their mortal creators. When Soleron, the Sun Lord, approached the most powerful of the Wyrmblooded and convinced them to join the cause of the Gods of the New Order, the Wyrmblooded gained their most cherished of gifts: freedom. Despite the trials and tribulations these people have suffered, they are a race filled with gratitude and joviality, for the Wyrmblooded have discovered a great inner strength within themselves. While many look upon this world and see only devastation and hardship, the Wyrmblooded see triumph and opportunity.
The Wyrmblooded are inspired by the Dragonblooded Humans from the Modern SRD, as well as the Half-Dragon template from both the SRD and the Modern SRD. (Besides, it would be nice to have a use for those Dragonborn minis that I occasionally pick up as part of my D&D mini habit.) In a post-apocalyptic setting, it seemed fitting that there should be a race that looked upon the tragedy with joy instead of sadness. It is this almost enthusiastic exuberance that I want the Wyrmblooded to bring to the table. I have yet to fully settle on their abilities game-wise, but I can already imagine these valiant, proud warriors leading the way through mortal danger to recover the lands they had lost, claiming them now as a free people, and adding that whole paladin-esque hero vibe to the group without having to play a holy warrior.

As the only suggestion I've seen thus far in terms of what game system to support with this setting has been Swords & Wizardry, I imagine that the Wyrmblooded will likely be able to advance much like Fighting-Man/Fighter up to 8th level. If I decide to give them a breath weapon, it would start off small and increase in damage potential at 4th and 7th levels. However, I'm not entirely sold on the breath weapon idea. The jury is still out, and I'm open to suggestions if people wish to make them.



James said...

Sounds like a great take on dragonborn to me.

How human do your dragonborn look? ARe they covered in scales with sharp teeth, or are they more 'human with slight reptillian features'?

I'd vote against a breath weapon.

Flynn said...

In order to take advantage of the minis that are available, I'd say the Wyrmblooded look much like those. For an example, I'd point to the following:

With those images in mind, I'd have to go with the scaly, semi-triceratopean humanoid with nasty teeth and claws. It also avoids the Star Trek syndrome of aliens being humans with bumpy foreheads.

Hope This Helps,