Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Wyrmblooded - A New S&W Race...

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For the curious, I've come up with a preliminary racial write-up (in Swords & Wizardry terms) for the Wyrmblooded, a race I've mentioned before for my Hammersong's Legacy setting. Please let me know your thoughts.

The Wyrmblooded
The results of magical experimentation on dragons to create a docile slave race, the Wyrmblooded still retain some of their draconic heritage. These include vicious claws, an intimidating presence reminescent of a dragon's fear aura, and a resistance to paralysis and magical sleep.

Character Advancement: Wyrmblooded characters use the Fighter class advancement chart. They are typically allowed to progress as high as eighth level.

Weapon/Armor Restrictions: Like other Fighters, the Wyrmblooded are trained in warfare and as such have no armor or weapon restrictions.

Intimidating Presence: The Wyrmblooded has an intimidating presence, which imposes a -1 penalty on a foe's morale when engaged in combat with the Wyrmblooded character.

Natural Weapon (Claws): The Wyrmblooded may use their sharp claws to deal damage equivalent to a dagger (1d6-1).

Saving Throw: Wyrmblooded are resistant to paralysis and magical sleep; they get +4 on saving throws to resist such effects.

Languages: For campaigns that give each race its own dialect, the Wyrmblooded should be able to speak with dragons, duar, humans and hyrknoff.

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